Fanch Ledan  

Fanch (Francois Ledan) -(b. 1949)

"Fanch" (as he signs his work, a Breton nickname for Francois) is noted for delightful scenes of his native Brittany executed in a colorful ‘primitive’ style. While a student at the Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales in Paris in 1968, Fanch began to paint and soon abandoned commercial design in favor of full-time studies in painting and fine art. Fanch’s talent and achievement in painting were quickly recognized by critics abroad and his work was accepted by the two major European exhibitions: the prestigious "Salons des Artistes Francaises" and the " Salon des Peintres temoins de leur temps." Fanch became involved with printmaking in 1973 when he learned the difficult technique of lithography in Paris. Since 1973 Fanch has had more than twenty-five one-person shows including exhibitions at the Pantechnicon Gallery, San Francisco; Centrao d’Arte Naivo, Milan; Galerie Malle, Aurray, France; and Champs-Elysees, Paris. He has participated in group shows in Germany, France, Venezuela and Italy as well as in the United States.