Andre Bardet  

Andre Bardet       -(b.1909)    

Andre was born in 1909 at Clermont-Ferrand. At an early age, he was the pupil of the impressionist Victor Charreton who put "the palette knife into my hands" (he only uses the brush to sign his paintings!). The layer of paint, lightly spread, using specially selected canvas, to heighten the relief. He travels the length and breadth of France, letting himself be attracted by whatever season "in a moment" by the light, the water, the sky, the snow... He paints with passion paintings which are lively, elegant, and uncomplicated. He could be compared with Sisley, because of his remarkable skill at painting multiple reflections on the water. André Bardet appears at the "Grands Salons d'Automne" the "Artistes Français" (Honourable Mention), the "Indépendants" and at the "Académie Européenne des Arts " (Médaille d'Argent). He exhibits continuously at New York, Tokyo, Osaka, London, and he features regularly in numerous publications : "Guide Argus, Côte Akoun, Annuaire International de l'Art "etc.